April 11, 2020

NELSON GABRIEL: A BOLD New Voice of Leadership


My name is Nelson Gabriel and I’m running for Kansas State Representative for District 35 and with your support I will be a BOLD New Voice of Leadership in Topeka. The district encompasses most of northeast Wyandotte County. As a resident of Wyandotte County for the past 20 years, I know the challenges the district faces. I also know that continuing what has been won’t create the education, housing and re-entry opportunities our district needs to attract new economic development and revitalize our neighborhoods and businesses.


In the past 20 years, there has been limited new development in District 35. We must ask ourselves why state funding for housing, child welfare services, re-entry programs and economic development isn’t trickling down to the residents of District 35? Then, we have to ask ourselves what can we do to change the outlook for the future of the district?  Finally, we must ask ourselves, are we willing to go to the polls and vote for a BOLD New Voice of Leadership?


I plan to leverage relationships with businesses, neighborhoods, service agencies and churches to make the state leaders in Topeka see the needs of District 35, which has long been overlooked. It’s going to take BOLD leadership and a heart for the community to rebuild District 35.


Through my non-profit, Made Men Inc., we’ve helped hundreds of people get their GED and catapult themselves into a life of possibilities. We’ve helped fathers and mothers who have struggled to pay their child support, get a financial handle on their responsibility and reconnect with their children. We know strong families create strong communities and so far we’ve connected over 3,000 men and women with help to rebuild their lives and restore their families. Wyandotte County’s re-entry statistics are the highest in the state. To fully reintegrate these men and women into society so they can become active citizens, we need programming to get them housing, jobs, childcare, transportation and counseling to rebuild their lives.

I have a BOLD new plan to bring economic development to District 35 by:


  • Increasing adult education programs to enhance workforce development opportunities.

  • Increasing child welfare by leveraging the services of non-profits to support children in need and by implementing child support programs for struggling mothers and fathers.

  • Increasing funding for re-entry programs to help former inmates find housing, jobs, transportation and education.

  • Increasing affordable housing by attracting developers to the district to increase and rehab the district’s housing stock.


District 35 has been waiting on a change. I will be that change in Topeka. Right now, we need more than the status quo, we need a BOLD New Voice of Leadership to move this district forward. I would like to have your support at the polls on August 4, 2020.


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